The Central Address for Music from Atlantic Canada

Our Mission

Our goals for Maritimes Music are clear, difficult, and somewhat unusual.  At our core, we want to play a part in the remarkable musical universe of the Atlantic provinces.  However, a significant part of our plan comes from our experience with music and musicians over many decades, and a recognition that the music business has undergone massive shifts.

Music production and distribution have become democratized.  It is far less costly to make recordings, and the internet has made distribution nearly free.  These are wonderful developments for many reasons, but there is a significant downside.  Put simply, the ease of recording and distribution has led to a glut of music available.  It is very difficult for any given artist to be heard.  

Outside of major labels with massive promotional budgets, most artists work alone promoting their own music via live performances and social media.  Our goal is to become a platform where Maritimes Music can promote multiple artists from a variety of genres.  Our belief is that more can be accomplished by offering a broad pallet.  Each artist should continue their own efforts, but Maritimes Music will be able to supplement them.  Simply put, five voices are louder than one and ten are louder than five.  We want to work with artists to combine their voices with others on the label and raise the profiles of all.

Unless we are careful, music will trend towards two extremes--Taylor Swift and Drake on one hand, and YouTube videos on the other.  We want to be the middle ground.  No artist signed with us should expect fame and riches.  What they can expect is a concerted effort on our part to work with them so that they can make a decent living playing music.  For that to happen, the artists must excel at their craft and be willing to put in the hard work of touring.  For our part, we must support those efforts with promotion and providing CDs, songbooks, and other products that a touring artist can sell at gigs or by other means at a profit.

We have known and worked with touring artists for decades.  Some have hit the big time, but most are working gig to gig just to keep doing what they love to do.  We want to support those artists.

‚ÄčAtlantic Canada is rich with music and musical talent.  Maritimes Music is dedicated  to promote that music and the people who create it.