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Maritimes Music is a record label and book publishing company in Shelburne, Nova Scotia.  

Our Story

Jay Pilzer and Rachel Yellin

Jay Pilzer and Rachel Yellin started Maritimes Music in 2018 to honour the music of Canada's East Coast.  These four provinces are hotbeds of musical talent.  We hope to play a role in exposing that to a wider world.

Spotlight Series

Jay Pilzer and Catahoula Brown

Here are some samples.

Catahoula Brown:

Frantically Atlantic:

Manitoba Hal:

 The CDs are available on our shop page.

Heritage Series


These three recordings are curated to reflect some of the varied traditions of the region. The Cormiers: Newfoundland Kitchen Party , Killick,  and The Town's Piper  feature music where you can feel the past and smell the sea.

Our Weekly Newsletter

The Maritimes Music Newsletter offers news of the music and musicians of Atlantic Canada, articles on the music business, and the tools and techniques used to make music.  It is free and we have a no spam guarantee.



Available Now

Just released: 1977 Newfoundland Songbook Reprint

From the early 1950s through the early 1980s Beer Companies in Newfoundland  published songbooks that were given away as promotional items.  In 1977 the Canada Games were held in St. John's and the Bennett Brewing Company issued this songbook to commemorate the event.  It has many of Newfoundland's most popular songs of he era and very nice line drawings illustrating life in Newfoundland, or, perhaps, mainlanders' conception of life in the province. 48pp

An inside page.
An inside page.


Atlantic Canada Sings

110 pages of the songs that were considered staples in 1974.  Many still are.  This is a window into the cultural life of Atlantic Canada forty-five years ago.